Want A Fence?

I'll start this story by saying, Only In Government.

I read in the News Herald a public notice that Loudon County government is taking bids for fence removal at Center 75. Center 75 is the 6.2 million dollar industrial park in Loudon co-owned by Loudon County and the city of Loudon. It was opened around 2001 and is still waiting on it's first industry. Center 75 was the brain child of former, now part time Economic Development Agency, EDA, director Pat Phillips. Another big winner for the tax payers.

Included, when the park was first developed, was a controversial, four rail fence that ran more than a mile along the park road. Controversial because of the cost. If I remember correctly, it cost well over a hundred thousand dollars to build. Tens of thousands more have been spent on maintenance and upkeep of the fence over the ensuing years.  

So now after spending all that money, apparently more tax dollars are going to be spent to tear it down. But a drive through the park would make you wonder why we wouldn't just wait a little while. Looks like somebody has already helped themselves to a lot of the fence rails. Hopefully, there's a law enforcement investigation to find the missing boards.

I'll finish up where I started, only in government will you find people that are willing to throw money away hand over fist over and over. Of course, it is somebody's else's money.