Social Security Info

Some years ago, the Social Security Administration used to send every one an annual report on your benefits and your annual income. Like a lot of things, that information is now available online only. You have to go in and set up your account information before you can get your report. It's really pretty easy.

It's good to know what your benefits would be at what ever point you retire or for that matter if you die. But what I like even better is to add up my income since I went to work. That's an eye opener. I did mine and Sarah's together for the last 38 years and then I had to ask, where did all that money go?

My conclusion was that most of our married life income must have gone to raising the kids. My next conclusion was, maybe the kids should start making some restitution. After all, we'd be rich if we hadn't spent all our money on them. I'll take it up with them next time I see them.

Below is a link the the Social Security Administration's web site where you can get registered to get your information.