Documents received from the Secretary Of State, not surprisingly, revealed no new information on the ownership of Safe Harbor LLC. (Click Here For Articles Of Organization) It was hoped that the owners and officers would be listed in the "articles of organization" required to be filed with the SOS for the creation of an LLC. The only name listed on the articles of organization was again, Rob Gratigny. Mr. Gratigny is an attorney employed by Title Associates of Knoxville. The address for Safe Harbor is also the same as Title Associates of Knoxville. It is not uncommon for the attorney who handles the creation of of a new business to be listed as the registered agent.

Personal from the SOS office stated that no other names are required on the organizational application. However Safe Harbor will be required by the state to file their annual report in December. At that time all members and officers of Safe Harbor will have to be disclosed.

Something Stinks Part II

The million dollar land debacle by the Loudon County Board of Education first reported on vanshaver.com may be have another twist. At first glance it would appear to be a simple transaction between the land owner, the developer and the BOE. However, it was brought to my attention that a forth entity was involved in the transaction. Buried in the minutia of the deeds is the mention of the forth player. Apparently the developer was affiliated with another company.




Safe Harbor LLC is listed in the deed as "qualified intermediary." A search of the Secretary Of State's web site for information on Safe Harbor reveals that the company was organized on October 4th 2006.Oddly enough the, the warranty deed between the developer and the BOE was drawn up on September 29th 2006 and the deed was registered at the Loudon County Register of Deeds office on October 2nd 2006. It begs the question, how could a company that was not formed until after the land transaction be listed on the deed.

Unfortunately the information on the Secretary Of State's web site does not include information as to the officers or ownership of Safe Harbor. However I contacted the SOS and was told I could request that information in writing and they would provide copies of all the organizational documents pertaining to Safe Harbor. I hope to have that information shortly. That may answer a lot of questions.

This may prove to be an insignificant matter, but one can't help but question the creation of an LLC just for this transaction.

Stay tuned.