Safety changes coming to Highway 411

GREENBACK, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Tennessee's Department of Transportation is making some changes on 411 to improve safety.

In coming days, drivers may notice resurfaced roads, additional rumble strips, fresh paint, reflective signs and more markings.

"I have noticed," said Landon Clark, who lives near 411, "The little rumble things, I (saw) those for the first time where the new Walmart is on 411 - and I hit it and I thought, 'What was that?'"

Clark told Local 8 News reporter Sarah Jane Anderson he hears sirens along the busy highway quite often.

"We hear sirens all the time because you've got The Dragon right here also," he said.

In some places, memorial crosses line the highway, known by Loudon County Chief Deputy Jimmy Davis as the "411 Speedway."

"Everyone's dying in crashes out here and that's unfortunate, but it's mainly due to the speed," said Davis.

Deputy Davis said the engineered safety precautions are a great start, but good drivers will make the difference on the roadways.

"It's a straight road, it's a wide road, but people are using it like a drag strip," he said.

The project costs $898,833.10 and officials hope to have it completed by the end of September.