Retreat Time Again

In what has become an annual pilgrimage, the Loudon County school board members, administrators, principals spouses, children, aunts uncles, pets and anyone else that can get there are in Gatlinburg for their tax payer funded retreat. The tab for the annual event doesn't usually run too much more than $10,000.00 but who's keeping track. Could be a little higher this year cause as I understand, everybody's staying in suits this year. Ahh, the lap of luxury.

Maybe this year they could claim that they're there to help the Gatlinburg economy after the wild fires. But of course, they could have held their retreat right here in Loudon County and helped our economy and saved the tax payers a lot of money. After all, now we do have the new Lenoir City Venue that's really looking for business. Maybe Lenoir City's just not fancy enough for the board.

One real bright spot is, apparently, the school board has money to burn and surely won't come looking for any extra funding this year. You know if they didn't have lots of spare cash, they wouldn't blow ten grand or more on a luxury filled three day, all expense paid, mini Gatlinburg vacation for dozens.

Would they?