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With the exception of the single shot pistol in the "Neat Stuff" section, I have never been fortunate enough to find a whole gun.   However, I have found a lot of gun parts.  Hammers, butt-plates, triggers, etc.   Apparently the soldiers stationed in or around Loudon County didn't throw away their guns, they just tore them into little pieces.

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 MVC-002S.JPG (19278 bytes) Part of a double barrel shotgun.  Found in Lenoir City, Tennessee.
MVC-003S.JPG (20963 bytes) Part of a Spencer rifle.  Found in Philadelphia, Tennessee.
MVC-008S.JPG (27312 bytes) 32 Caliber Brass Bullet Mold.  Found in Lenoir City, Tennessee.
MVC-012S.JPG (18668 bytes) Hammer and lock plate from Enfield rifle.  Found in Lenoir City, Tennessee.
MVC-011S.JPG (22712 bytes) Tin of percussion caps fused together.  Found in Loudon, Tennessee.
MVC-010S.JPG (47923 bytes) Percussion caps and fennel found together in one hole.  Probably the remains of a leather cap box.  Found along the Little Tennessee River.
MVC-009S.JPG (41735 bytes) Tops of powder flasks.  Found in different places.
MVC-005S.JPG (37480 bytes) Various gun parts and other items.
MVC-006S.JPG (44922 bytes) More gun parts and gun tools.

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