Powell family reunited with pet cat after nearly two years

POWELL, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A local family from Powell was recently reunited with a beloved pet that went missing in 2016.

Cheley Landry, a mother and resident of Powell, said her family adopted a maine coon mix, Wyatt, five years ago from Young Williams Animal Center. In September 2016, Wyatt simply disappeared.

Landry said her family went to the shelter every day for six months to see if someone had turned Wyatt in as a stray. They drove around their neighborhood in Powell, put up flyers and posted on every website they could think of in the hopes that someone could help them reunite with Wyatt.

"He is the sweetest cat and we were heartbroken when he didn't come home!" Landry told Local 8 News.

Unfortunately, they had no such luck. Landry said that their efforts gave them some leads, even one a few weeks ago, but they all turned out to be dead ends, until recently. On Wednesday, Landry said that, after about a year and a half, Wyatt returned.

She said that Wyatt ended up in Lenoir City and had been staying with a family in Lenoir City since November 2016. The family had taken the cat to a veterinarian several times and let the vet know Wyatt was a stray; however, for some reason, Wyatt was not checked for a chip until Wednesday.

Landry said, "The family that had him took care of him and we are very appreciative for that!"

The family is happy to have Wyatt home. Landry told Local 8 News, "I can hardly look at him without crying. We are so happy."

Despite his long absence, Wyatt is settling right in at the Landry household. "He laid on me for a few hours last night," Landry said and let Wyatt sleep in the room with her son.

"Wyatt is already walking around the house demanding things," Landry added.