Permit Denied

A large number of residents of the Robinsons Springs community in Loudon, turned out for Tuesday meeting of the Loudon County Beer Board.

Manuel Perez Hernandez, who owns property in that area, had applied for a special events beer permit for that property. Mr. Hernandez is planning to hold a rodeo on his property and wanted to sell beer at the event.

Several residents spoke in opposition to the issuing of the permit in such a rural area with inadequate roads, water or sewer. There were two residents who live within 300' of the property who also objected to the permit. Loudon County beer permit regulations state that if a residential property owner within 300' of the place where a permit is being requested, attends the meeting and objects to the issuing of the permit, no permit may be issued.

Ultimately, the beer board voted to deny the requested permit.

Mr. Hernandez may still hold his rodeo but may not sell beer at the event.