Out For Rain?

Well, we had a bit of a kerfuffle last week when forecasters predicted the chance of strong thunder storms passing through our area. Some nearby school systems dismissed classes earlier or canceled classes for the day. Loudon County did not. That's where the kerfuffle started.

Some parents were upset that school officials didn't cancel or dismiss early due to the storm warnings. Seriously, thunderstorms and rain cancel school?

If we've gotten to the point that we need to cancel school every time stormy weather is predicted, then it may be time to just keep the kids at home all the time. Those of us my age, or who raised children not to many years ago, have a little trouble understanding the mindset. It's bad enough to cancel when we get a dusting of snow but now for rain? Time to get a grip.

We all hope we're not faced with severe whether during school hours but if we are, likely the children would be safer in one of our school buildings than in many of our homes.

But the bottom line is, you are the parent. You out rank every school official when it comes to your children. If you feel any conditions are unsafe for your children, YOU can make the decision of what to do with your kids. Don't fuss at those who are doing the best they can, do what you feel is right.