No Show, Deadline Friday

With Friday's deadline to resign, move back to the district she was elected to or face an ouster suit from the District Attorney, looming large, Commissioner Julia Hurley opted not to vote in yesterday's primary election.

District Attorney Russell Johnson stated Tuesday night, "In spite of her front page headline promise to vote in the Second District from which she moved last summer, she chose instead not to vote.

By not voting it shows that she followed her lawyer’s sound advice and avoided putting herself in the position of committing perjury by signing the voting statement certifying under ‘penalty of perjury’ that she still lives at the old Second District address.

She obviously could not vote in the Fifth District without conceding the Harrison Woods home as her true residence.

Therefore, she had no choice but to not vote."

Friday the 6th, now stands as the next pivotal point in this saga, will she resign, will she move back or will she head to court.

The clock's ticking.