No Little Library
At Least Not On The Greenway

Holdeman Addressing Council

Knox County resident, Jonas Holdeman with LCHS teacher Elizabeth Corbett in tow, did address the Lenoir City council Monday about his plan to install a "little library" on the Town Creek greenway. Even though the city plans a similar project at the new Central Park on Broadway, Holdeman insisted his chosen location would be better. 

In a formal and diplomatic tone, mayor Tony Aikens informed Holdeman that he felt parks and rec. director Steve Harrelson, was in the best position to decide where the book sharing box should be located. Council members agreed.

Maybe it would be best for Mr. Holdeman to spend his time helping the Knox County school system and bringing his literacy efforts to Knox County parks and residents. 

Thus should end the saga of Holdeman and the "little library" adventure. We'll see.

Corbett Recording Proceedings