Niles 4th Time

For the fourth time in two and a half years, Loudon County court clerk, Lisa Niles, drug the county tax payers back to court trying to ring more money out of their pockets.

This is the ongoing law suit brought by Ms. Niles back in September of 2014 demanding more employees and higher pay for her current employees.

Almost exactly a year ago, Niles was in court demanding the same thing. Ultimately, the judge essentially cut the baby in half and gave her two new employees.  But that wasn't good enough for her. Niles appealed the judges first ruling ultimately leading the judge to throw out the first ruling. So back to court she goes.

The judge heard from both sides at Tuesday's hearing. Essentially,  it was just a replay of last December's hearing. The attorneys are to file their final documents by the 6th of January then the judge will make his ruling by mid to late January. Either side may appeal the judges order.

The entire law that allows Ms. Niles to use the courts to extort the tax payers is based on the fact that she can't operate her office without more help. But given that her lawsuit has dragged on for two and a half years, and the fact that she even came to commission to report how well her office was operating several months ago, it's hard to see how this is nothing but legal extortion of the tax payers.

Ms. Niles has proven beyond any doubt that she could careless for the tax payers she supposedly represents. It appears that the only way to stop this insanity will be to relieve her of her position in the next election.