Niles Wins?

I guess if you keep going back to the judge long enough, you can get what ever you want?

Chancellor Frank Williams released his Memorandum Opinion late Wednesday for the December hearing on Niles suit against the tax payers.

In this decision it appears the judge gave her everything she sued for and even a little extra.

She still gets the four new employees from the first lawsuit and now in addition she gets $50,000.00 to hand out to her existing employees however she sees fit plus the judge essentially increased the new starting salary for all county employees from $21,500 to $25,500.

We're still a long way from any final decision and I suspect this case could drag on right up to the 2018 election. If so, it will be Ms. Niles job to explain to the voters why she has done to the tax payers what's she has done.

I'll keep you updated as the process drags on