Niles Vote

On April 3rd, county commission will vote on whether or not to appeal the judges most recent decision in the ongoing lawsuit brought by court clerk, Lisa Niles, against the Loudon County tax payers.

I wouldn't predict how the majority of commission will vote, but so far, this commission has stood firm against Ms. Niles legal extortion of the tax payers since she originally filed her lawsuit back in September 2014.

Commission has several options.

We can vote to appeal the judges decision which could continue the process for another year or more. The judges decision could be upheld, overturned or amended by the appellate court.  

We could just roll over to Niles demands and give her everything she wants, which would force us to raise property taxes to cover all the costs caused by Ms. Niles which should guarantee her defeat in next years election.

Or a miracle could happen and Ms. Niles could regain her sanity and stop this insane attack on the tax payers. I just don't think that's going to happen.

Like I said, I don't know what the majority will vote for but I for one will vote for appeal.