Niles Next Hearing Dec. 20th

The never ending nightmare for Loudon County tax payers, that is court clerk Lisa Niles, is heading back to court for a third time. The date for the new trial is December 20th at the Loudon County court house.

This will be Ms. Niles third hearing in the two years she has been suing the tax payers. She got a partial victory in the first hearing with the judge giving her two additional employees but that wasn't enough to suit her. So she taking the tax payers back to court wanting more after the judge threw out the first ruling all together. I'm sure hoping for the brass ring this time.

For two and a half years she has been dragging this ridiculous legal vendetta out against the county costing the tax payers no telling how much in legal fees.

So what happens if she doesn't get her way this time? I guess this goes on forever. But I suspect it will end in about another year and a half. I'm betting the voters will reward her with what she deserves in the 2018 election. Seems that's the only way she can be stopped.