Niles Legislation

The photo above says a lot. State Representative Jimmy Matlock is presenting a bill to a subcommittee pertaining to the lawsuit brought against the tax payers of Loudon County by court clerk, Lisa Niles.

In January, commission voted unanimously to request Matlock seek legislative change to prevent future lawsuits like the one Ms. Niles has dragging through the courts for two and a half years. Just imagine that. Ms. Niles, a county elected official, suing the very people who elected her to office and the county commission having to ask for state legislature help to stop her. What drives someone like Lisa Niles to want to hurt her constituents so badly?

Ultimately, I doubt Mr. Matlock will be successful in getting any new legislation written with all the special interests and lobbyist working on behalf of elected officials. But speaking for myself and thousands of other Loudon Countians, we appreciate his efforts. 

The big change will come in the 2018 election when at long last, Ms. Niles will be dismissed by the defendants.