Niles=1.3 Mil.

As reported earlier, the county commission has voted unanimously to appeal the most recent decision of the judge in the Lisa Niles lawsuit against the tax payers.

I have heard a couple of folks ask why the commission has fought so hard against Ms. Niles demands. I've even heard some state that the county has probably spent more in legal fees than it would have cost to have given her what she sued for. Not even close.

Had the commission just rolled over to Ms. Niles legal threat, the tax payers would have taken a huge hit and a property tax increase would have been required just to pay for her ridiculous demands.

Her September 2014 lawsuit asked for 6 new employees at a starting pay rate of $31,000.00, $66,326.00 in raises for current employees and $50,490.00 for 4 new part time employees. Added to these numbers would be insurance benefits for the 6 new employees and with all the raises and new employees, add another 17.3% for mandatory Social Security, Medicare and retirement costs that increase with wages. That would be another $52,388.00. 

Raises Current Employees $66,326.00
6 New Full Time @ $31,000 $186,000.00
4 New Part Time $50,490.00
Total In Suit $302,816.00
Insurance 6 @ $14,000  $84,000.00
SS, Med, Ret 17.3% $52,388.00
Total Costs $439,204.00

Had the commission caved to her legal extortion back in September 2014 and just given her what she wanted, the county would have added a minimum of $439,204.00 to the 2014-2015 fiscal year, 2015-2016 fiscal year and the 2016-2017 fiscal year. In total $1,317,612.00.

Annual Increase In Lawsuit $439,204.00
14-15, 15-16, 16-17  X 3
Total Costs $1,317,612.00

Current legal fees billed thus far over the last two years and eight months equal $169,000.00. The county attorney's bills, $80,000.00. Ms. Niles attorney bills $89,000.00. But remember, the tax payers have to pay both attorneys bills. All this just because Ms. Niles apparently wants to punish the tax payers for electing and re-electing her.

This is why the county commission chose to take a stand for the tax payers of Loudon County. We could do nothing less on behalf of the citizens we represent. We did not ask for this legal nightmare. Ms. Niles forced it on everyone. She alone is responsible for all the problems and costs associated with it.

Loudon County has many dedicated,  hard working elected officials who do have the best interests of the citizens at heart. Lisa Niles is not one of them.