New Park Coming?

Looks like a new lake side park may be in the works for Loudon County on Tellico Lake. But before you get your swimming trunks out, you likely won't get to use this park unless you are a resident of Windriver, formerly Rarity Point, subdivision.

According to the joint public notice issued by the Army Corp Of Engineers, Windriver has made application to construct the park in their subdivision. The proposed park will include two, 100' courtesy boat docks among other amenity's.

The corp will be taking public input through mid April on the proposed project. 

From Public Notice:

Brightwater Point Recreational Park

The proposed project is located in the WindRiver development on the right bank of the Little Tennessee River from mile 2.3 to 5.1 approximately 2 miles upstream from Tellico Dam in Lenoir City, Loudon County, Tennessee.

Proposed structures in navigable waters of the U.S. associated with Brightwater Park include two courtesy docks (100ft x 8ft fixed and floating structures).

Click Here For Public Notice