The governor explain his proposed gas tax aimed at fixing roads.

The governor wants to add 12 cents a gallon to pay for repairs. The tax would pay for $52 billion worth of road repairs. The governor says this would cost drivers less than $10 a month and is cheaper than paying for damage done to your car from bad roads.

At the local level, funds will be used to fix streets and transportation infrastructure, including road repairs, potholes, and public transit improvements. Statewide, funds will be used to improve highways, bridges and culverts, as well as reduce congestion on major commute corridors.

I bet you think the statement above was something our very own Governor Haslam said. Actually, this is what California Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown is is pushing for his state. Sure sounds a lot like our governor doesn't.

Moonbeam Brown is a well known far leftwing, liberal nut job. How is it then that our supposed republican governor is spouting the same liberal mush? Guess we have Moonbeam Haslam at the helm in Tennessee.

Looks like Haslam is close to getting his gas tax passed, which by many accounts will be a big windfall for the Haslam family, but it should tell us a lot about who Bill Haslam really is. Tennessee sits on a nearly two billion dollar fund balance, and at least two other options have been proposed to fund the highways with existing revenues but Haslam will settle for nothing less than a higher tax on all Tennesseans. 

Have you ever noticed that it always seems to be the people with a lot of money that want to raise taxes on the people who don't have a lot of money? Wonder why that is.

When the final vote is taken, I'll let you know how our local legislators voted.