Loudon driver runs into ditch, gets arrested

Rinehart said the driver was identified as Billy Lynn Bishop, 46, Bishop Road, Loudon. Rinehart said Bishop was sitting in the driver’s seat and had bloodshot eyes, drool on his chin and spoke with slow, slurred speech.

When Rinehart asked for a license, he said Bishop seemed confused and had trouble locating the license. He told Rinehart he had low blood sugar levels and was on pain pills but refused any EMS attention. Then, the jail informed Rinehart that there was an active warrant for Bishop’s arrest.

Rinehart said he gave Bishop some field sobriety tests and Bishop allegedly started “nodding off” and nearly fell over. Rinehart said at one point Bishop started screaming and said he was angry, and Rinehart decided to arrest him.

Bishop reported yelled “no” and walked away, charging into another deputy who had arrived on the scene. Rinehart said Bishop fought both deputies until Rinehart hit him with his Taser and he was taken into custody.

Rinehart said, once at the jail, Bishop submitted to a blood test, but said he had “ice” and marijuana in his system.

When Bishop was searched at the jail a packet of a white crystal substance believed to be meth was found in his pocket, according to Rinehart. The deputy said he also saw track marks on Bishop’s arms.

Bishop is charged with possession of meth, DUI and resisting arrest.