Loudon County man helps police find murder suspect

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) Shocking new details emerged about a robbery turned homicide in Loudon County.

A man who requested to remain anonymous told Local 8 News that he knows Robbie Covington, one of the men charged with murdering William (Billy) Roberts in his home.

"Robbie called me and asked if I heard about Billy and I said no what's going on, and he said well Billy got shot; we're pretty sure hes dead," said Covington's friend. "Then he said I need to go to the airport, I'll pay you," he added.

Covington's friend said that was his first clue something was wrong. He didn't take Covington to the airport but instead called 911, realzing he may be at risk of helping a murder suspect.

"The detective told me he knew way too much, that's their number one suspect right there, they didn't have no leads at the time," said Covington's friend.

That phone call would lead Loudon County Sheriff's deputies straight to Mcghee Tyson where they arrested Covington before he got away on a flight to Texas.

"TSA monitored people coming in and out of the airport and with a physical description of the person of interest, around 2:00 yesterday afternoon was able to apprehend him," said Loudon County Sheriff Tim Guider.

Covington's friend said he couldn't live with himself if he kept a secret like this from police and that he doesn't wish death on anyone.

"Me and Billy never really got along, but no one deserves to die like that, he was a good guy," said Covington's friend.