Locals pick up 17 tons of trash in East Tennessee

MONROE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Once a year for the past decade, over 300 volunteers come together from elementary school through retired folks to puck up trash along the Tellico Lake.

"In a about 2 weeks the lake is going to rise to full pool and things will float," said Bill Webster, Watershed Association chairman.

The Watershed Association of the Tellico Reservoir organizes the 57 locations that are cleaned up.

"I'm helping the community that helped build me," said Cristina Chaparro, a Greenback High School student. "It gives my community a better look.

The amount of trash that is picked up fills over one thousands trash bags and weighs around 17 tons.

The Lakeshore clean-up not only helps the water stay clean but also builds friendships.

"It's a 350 mile lake shore and there are probably a dozen communities in the area that have people volunteer for this," said Webster. "It brings the community together and we have a goal to keep the lake clean."