Lets Talk Stupid

Let's say you are a government employee and let's say you have government issued, electronic devises as a part of your job. Let's say you wake up in the morning and think to your self, what's the stupidest thing I can do today? I know I'll send inappropriate messages and/or pictures to someone from my government issued electronic device.  Well, that'd be it.

In just a couple weeks, there have been two stories of local government officials or employees who may have, according to the stories, used their government issued cell phones to send inappropriate texts or photos from those devices. In this day and age, having heard so many stories of people getting in trouble and even losing jobs for just this kind of thing, who still does this?

Here's a thought, if you are a government employee with a government issued electronic device, and you just can not overcome the urge to communicate inappropriately with someone else, do it on your own phone or better yet, just don't do it.

There is still such a thing as right and wrong.