Her Whispering Bones

I tend to watch a lot of true crime drama stuff on TV. The other day I just happened to stop on one of those channels, The ID Channel. To my surprise, it was a documentary on a local story right here in Loudon County. It was titled, Her Whispering Bones.

It was about the body that was found on Eblen Road back in 2012 and all the investigation that took place to identify the woman and find her killer. While the murder actually took place in Knox County, it was local detectives who solved the case.

Local investigators, Patrick Upton and Jason Smith were interview and had prominent input to the show. It was pretty neat to see our own folks on a TV show like this. Almost like having movie stars among us.

I could not find any information on when it will air again, but the Name of the show was Her Whispering Bones, under the series of Who Killed Jane Doe.

If you see it coming on the ID Channel, be sure to watch it.