Greenback man first Monroe arrest of 2017


Madisonville Police started off 2017 with a classic: A traffic stop that resulted in a chase and a drug arrest.

Officer Kyle Day said he and Officer Austin Peak stopped a car at the Checkered Flag on Highway 411 for a having a license plate that had expired the day before.

Day said there were three people in the car and he asked for identification from all three of them. On his way back to his patrol car to check the identifications, the passenger in the rear passenger seat got out and ran across 411, Day said.

Day and Peak gave chase and caught the passenger without incident not far from the store. They took him back to the car and found he was Adam Wallace Irwin, McTeer Street, Greenback.

Day said he asked Irwin if he had anything on him, and Irwin said he had some meth in his pants pocket. Day found a small baggie with the alleged substance in it, and a search of the vehicle turned up scales and a pipe, which Irwin said also belonged to him. A check also turned up that he had warrants out for his arrest in Blount County, according to investigators.

Irwin, apparently the first person arrested in Monroe County in 2017, was charged with evading arrest and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.