Great Show

If you haven't already seen it, it'd be well worth your time to go see the animated Christmas light display in Harrison Glen subdivision. It's some more show. I've seen videos of this kind of display on the internet but it's way more impressive in life. It even broadcasts on it's own radio station, 90.9 FM.

The house is at 628 Glenview Drive West. That's in the Harrison Glen subdivision off Harrison Road just past the high school. The owner's name is Ernie Butler. I spoke briefly with him and he said the show would continue till December 31st. Go left at the roundabout to the top of the hill and turn right. Go on past the house to the cul-de-sac then just circle back by to watch. Turn off your headlights and don't block the neighbors driveways.  

Not sure how many different songs play but there' several. And be sure to watch the upstairs window. You might be surprised who you see.  It's pretty close quarters up there but well worth the trip.

Click here for a Short Clip