Not only did our esteemed Governor Haslam embarrass most of us with his attack on Donald Trump now he's really showing his true colors.

Haslam is proposing a huge gas tax increase on all of us, that's after reports that Tennessee has a billion dollar surplus.

The Governor has formally announced his comprehensive infrastructure funding plan. The highlights are as follows:
$.07 per gallon increase in the gas tax
$.12 per gallon increase in diesel tax
$5 increase in the registration fee
$100 fee on electric cars...

3% charge on rental cars

Does this man not understand what a negative impact this will have on us? Probably not given that he's the richest elected official in the country. What does he care?

Great thing is, the governor can't do anything unless the legislature votes for it. That being the case, all of us need to contact our local state legislators and let them know your feelings toward a higher gas tax. Contact information below.

Jimmy Matlock:

Kent Calfee:

Randy McNally:

Hopefully, none of our reps are planning to support Hillary, loving Haslam's crazy tax increase.