Gas Tax Scam

Why is it so hard for some politicians to tell the truth? Instead of trying to tell us something that's just blatantly false, why doesn't Governor Haslam just be truthful and tells us he wants a higher gas tax so state and local governments will have more money to spend?

The current lie that's being told is that yes, the gas tax would be a lot higher but the tax on food would be lowered to offset the higher gas tax. Well, let's do a very simple, real world experiment and see if Haslam's story holds water.

Last year I burned 781 gallons of diesel fuel in my truck. Add 12 cents per gallon to that, which is what Haslam is proposing on diesel fuel, and that comes to an additional $98.75 in fuel costs per year. The wife and I spend on average about $100 a week on groceries. Deduct a half cent of sales tax on our groceries, this is what Haslam is proposing, and we save $26.00 in sales tax per year. Now I'm no math genius, but even I know that $98.75 is more than $26.00. The outcome would be less but still higher if you drive a gasoline vehicle. And by the way, Haslem is also proposing a $5 increase on vehicle registrations. So add another $25 in new annual taxes I would have to pay.

Do you realize that Tennessee already has a 21.4 cent per gallon tax on gasoline and the federal government has an additional 24.4 cent per gallon tax for a total tax on each gallon of gas of 46 cents? And don't forget, just about a year ago, our tax and spend liberal senator, Bob Corker, was proposing an increase in the federal gas tax rate.

To make Haslam's proposal even more ludicrous, the state of Tennessee recently announced they have a nearly TWO BILLION, that's BILLION with a B, reserve fund surplus. What kind of elected officials think like that?

The other bone Haslam throws out there is that the higher gas tax would be so beneficial to local city and county governments. We would really be able do lots more local road projects. Well, duh, I would sure hope we could do more projects if we paid higher taxes. Higher taxes and higher spending generally go hand and hand. That's no secret. Truth is, the county could raise property taxes high enough to repave every road in the county in one year if we wanted to. But we don't because we know folks can't afford it nor can they afford higher taxes on a product they have to buy.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many elected officials first solution to any problem is, just raise taxes. Need more money for roads, just raise taxes, need more jail space, just raise taxes, need more staff and higher wages (Lisa Niles), just raise taxes.

Higher taxes isn't always the be all, end all for everything.

To: Tennessee Taxpayers - A Gas Tax Hike is Coming UNLESS We Act!

PLEASE REMEMBER these TWO Very Important Facts!

1- The Tennessee Legislature is NOW actively considering Gov Haslam's Gas Tax Hike proposal. Your elected representatives are completely DEAF to your voice unless you call or email. You DO NOT Exist to them unless you speak up and if we don't speak up the ONLY voices they will hear are the paid lobbyists. EMAIL TODAY!

2- If we allow them to raise our Gas Tax when there is already a $2 billion surplus our bank accounts will never be safe again from political greed. EMAIL TODAY!

How do you find the right email? Very simple, click on the link below and then enter your street address and city. You will then be shown pictures of your State Rep and State Senator.

Below the pictures will be their email addresses. Simply click on the email addresses and then send them a short simple email with a subject of "Please vote NO on any Gas Tax increase" and then in the body of the email simply say: "My name is_______ and you are my representative. I am asking you to vote NO for me on any gas tax hike, Thank You." Very simple and quick and please send emails to both the rep and the Senator. Ok, here is the link:

PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW. The Legislature will be back in session Monday Jan 30 and there will be more arm twisting than you would see at a WWE wrestling match. The TIME to have our voice heard is NOW, please take 2 mins and email them now, thanks..