Fishing For $$$

For years, the Loudon County Visitors Bureau sponsored an annual fishing tournament. Problem was, they always came to the county commission for the $10,000 it cost to bring the tournament to town. A couple years ago the commission finally said, no more, to the 10k handout when the math proved the county got hardly nothing back for the tax payers money from the tournament. And to their credit, the Visitors Bureau decided the fishing tournament really wasn't the best way to spend their money.

So, now the city of Loudon wants to spend the $10,000 it costs to bring in the big fishing tournament. Problem is, they want the county tax payers to pay for half the cost, $5,000.

The county finally stopped funding the fishing tournament for the Visitors Bureau because it's such a financial looser and now the city of Loudon wants to throw away their money and the county's money. Even the Visitors Bureau, when asked by the city to fund half the costs declined to participate.

If Loudon city Council feels the the tournament is such a good idea, why would they want the Visitors Bureau or the county to pay half the bill?

Elected officials have a certain responsibility when they're spending other people's money. They should always ask themselves if they would spend their own money the way they would spend other folks money.