Fence Mystery Solved?

Last week I reported about the possible removal of the rail fence down at Center 75 industrial park. I also noted that a lot of the fence had been previously removed by unknown persons. Well, at least some of the mystery of the missing fence may have been solved.

The topic of the fence came up at Monday's Loudon city council meeting. Reportedly, according to councilman, Johnny James, he was told a couple of years ago by the former EDA director, Pat Phillips, to tear down the fence. James has been leasing some of the land in the park for several years for agricultural use. Another Loudon official reported that he had taken a crew down there and pulled up some of the posts and took them to the parks and rec department.

I don't know if this accounts for all the missing fence but would account for some.

Problem here is, former EDA director Pat Phillips would have no authority to tell anyone to remove the fence nor would any individual have any right to remove any of the fence. It'd be kind of like if someone picked up all the park benches around down town Loudon and took them somewhere else.

The Center 75 Industrial Park was a 2001 joint venture between Loudon County and the city of Loudon at a cost of more than six million in tax dollars. The park has set virtually empty for sixteen years. The property, the fence and all apertures belong jointly to the city and the county with the county having either 60% or 70% ownership.

Not sure how you un-ring this bell but at least the mystery of the missing fence has been solved.

And by the way, the removal of the rest of the fence has been canceled by the county mayor according to the notice below.

Good morning,

Effective immediately, I am withdrawing the bid request for fence removal at Centre 75.

Buddy Bradshaw
Loudon County Mayor