Executive Session

County commissioners will meet in executive session, Monday before the work shop, to hear from our attorney, his view of the most recent decision of the judge pertaining to the never ending legal action by court clerk, Lisa Niles.

In his third decision, Judge Williams gave Niles nearly everything she had sued for in the past. She's now 1 for 3 in legal decisions.

This elected official, this servant of the people, who looked voters in the eye and asked them to vote for her, has had the county tax payers tied up in court for over two and a half years demanding more help and higher pay for all her employees.

Commissioners will have to decide whether to accept the judges latest ruling as is or to appeal his decision. I know what my vote will be.

Incidentally, just to add insult to injury, with the state mandated raises for elected officials this year, Ms, Niles will be getting a $3,584.00 raise, with your tax dollars, bringing her annual pay to $75,274.00.

Not a bad gig I'd say.