Barack Hussein Obama
The Second Attack

Warning! If you will be offended by a frank discussion of my opinion of Barack Hussein Obama, read no further. Stop here.

On September 11, 2001, nineteen muslim terrorists perpetrated the most heinous attack ever on America taking the lives of more than three thousand innocent people going about their daily lives. Americans expected a second attack at any time.

The 9/11 attack changed the way America viewed terrorism. Fed up with the constant attacks by muslim terrorists on American targets, we would no longer wait to be attacked as we had during the eight years of the Clinton administration. America would now go on the offensive across the globe and strike first at building threats to American security. The new strategy worked for eight years preventing countless attacks on more innocent Americans and led to the overthrowing of two rouge regimes that supported terrorism. The second attack never came.

While mostly ignorant and uneducated, the terrorists are committed to the cause of destroying America. In their limited mental capacities, the terrorists truly thought that bringing down the World Trade Centers and the financial havoc that would cause would somehow lead to the destruction of America. They first tried blowing up the towers with a truck bomb in the parking garage of one of the towers hoping it would fall into the other one bringing them both down. While the bomb was exploded and innocent people were again killed, the plan failed to accomplish it's goal. But they learned from their mistakes.

The terrorists didn't give up. The second attack on 9/11 was more successful than the terrorists could have ever dreamed. They successfully brought down the towers and essentially wiped out lower Manhattan, the financial center of America. In their minds they felt they had destroyed America's financial system that would in turn bring down the whole country. But they were so wrong. As devastating as the 9/11 attacks were, the devastation barely dented the great American capitalistic system. The muslim terrorists grossly underestimated the resilience of the American system. In fact the attack they thought would bring America to her knees had exactly the opposite effect. It only steeled the America resolve to take it to the terrorist and we did. They now knew they could never bring down America with terrorists attacks and bombs. But muslim terrorists learned from their mistakes.

Then came Obama. Like it or not, Barack Hussein Obama is one of them, he is a muslim. How many friends or family do you have with Hussein as part of their name? In his young adult life he called himself Barry Obama to better associate himself with his white ancestry. When it became more advantageous for him to be identified with his black ancestry he became known as Barack Obama. Then when it was hip to be associated with the muslim nation he became Barack Hussein Obama. If nothing else Obama is a great opportunist.

For me, it's not a matter of color but a matter of character which he has none. Obama is not black, he's not white and by most accounts including his own grandmother, he's not even an American yet now he is the president. Here is a man that supposedly was born into poverty in Kenya yet received an ivy league education. He has never held a job, but he is a multimillionaire. How can that happen? During his campaign he received the support and endorsement of all the muslim leaders including Osama bin Laden. He is an  associate of known domestic terrorists. When meeting the king of Saudi Arabia he bowed to the muslim king as any good muslim would be expected to do. During his campaign he stated that he would be in all fifty-seven states. Is he dumber than a first grader or was he confused with the fifty-seven member states of the Islamic Conference?  He has now declared to the world that America is not a Christian nation and next week he is set to deliver a speech in Cairo Egypt where he will again apologize for America and attempt to sell us down the road again. 

Obama's approach to destroy America is the same as his muslim brothers. In his deceitful campaign he called it "Change". He has set out to destroy the American capitalistic system just like his muslim brothers did only this time from the inside. Just look at the "Change" he has brought so far. If it's not already too late to stop him, it will soon be. He will finish the job started by his muslim brothers on 9/11, that is to destroy America. The election of Barack Hussein Obama is the long dreaded, long awaited second attack.