August Update

Another candidate has picked up a petition to seek office in the August election. Lenoir City resident, Stuart Starr (democrat), picked up a qualifying petition to challenge Randy McNally for the 5th district state senatorial seat.

Two years ago, Starr challenged Representative Jimmy Duncan but lost by a 76% to 24% margin. Starr ran for Lenoir City council back in 2014 and came in 5th in a five man race.

Three county school board seats are also on the August ballot.

Candidates have till April 5th to file petitions and qualify to run for any position..

Office Name Petition issued Date Returned
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Represenatives 2nd Congressional Dist.       
  Jimmy Matlock ( R) 2/9/2018  
Tennessee Senate 5th Senatorial Dist.       
 Anderson Co. Randy Mc Nally ( R )   2/9/2018
  Stuart Starr ( D) 3/7/2018  
Tennessee House of Representatives    21st District      
  Tony Aikens ( R)  1/5/2018 1/5/2018
  Doyle Arp ( R ) 1/5/2018 1/30/2018
  (Monroe Co) Lowell Russell ( R)  1/5/2018 1/8/2018
Tennessee House of Representatives   32nd District      
Tennessee State Execuitive Committeman           5th Senatorial Dist.       
    (Knox Co) Scott Smith   1/26/2018
 (Anderson ) Jim Hackworth ( D)   2/23/2018/
Tennessee State Execuitive Committwoman      5th Senatorial Dist.       
Loudon County School Board     Distirct 2 Seat A       
  Mike Hickman 1/26/2018 2/21/2018
  Will Jenkins 1/5/2018 1/8/2018
Loudon County School Board     Distirct 2 Seat B      
  Bobby Johnson, Jr. 1/5/2018  
Loudon County School Board     Distirct 4      
  Kim Bridges 1/5/2018 1/8/2018
  LeRoy Tate 1/5/2018 1/9/2018
Loudon County School Board     Distirct 6      
  Greg Buckner 1/9/2018  
  Zack Cusick 1/9/2018 1/16/2018
  Aaron Lewis 1/5/2018