At Least For Now

Some time ago, I made the decision that it was time to end my web site. I used to really enjoy the whole process and all the things involved to report on the local political happenings and other topics even though it took a lot of time.

But for a long time now, I've really lost the enjoyment and it's become more drudgery than anything else. I've been doing the current format of the website since early 2006. That's a long time and I really need a break.

I'll have to admit, I underestimated how many folks apparently enjoyed visiting the site. I knew it got a lot of hits but I definitely underestimated how many people consistently visited to pick up a little local news.

I have received hundreds and hundreds of emails and phone calls since I announced I was shutting down. Nearly everyone was positive, supportive and understanding of my decision but expressed disappointment. There were a few who let me know they were glad to see me go, but just a very few.

I wish I could think of some way to express to you all how much I appreciate all your support over the years. I guess the best I can do is just to say Thank You.

I don't know if I'll ever bring the site back up or not, but for now I've got to have a break. I may find out that I miss keeping up with local happenings. When winter comes and the days get shorter and I can't work the farm, I may be looking for something to do. I absolutely have no idea.

I'm going to keep the link for the obituary page up and I will continue to post the Daily Edition for a time. There will also be a link to the archives. This link will take you to every story I've published on the site. You can also use the "Search This Site" link to do a search of the site by word(s).

Some day I may be back, but for now, I've gone to the farm.