Appeal It Is

In a unanimous, 10-0 vote, Loudon County Commission directed attorney Joe Ford to appeal the most recent decision of the Chancellor in court clerk, Lisa Niles, never ending lawsuit against the tax payers. The appeals process, through the state appellate court could take many more months to reach a conclusion.

No objective observer, who attended all three of the hearings, could have come away believing the judge could have done anything but throw out her case. In all three hearings, Ms. Niles was unable to present any information or evidence that her demand was justified in any way which makes the judges decision to actually give her more than she asked for all the more vexing. Of course it did take the judge three different hearings to finally give her what she was wanting.

Had the judge based his opinion strictly on Niles testimony and her actions in the court room, she should have been lucky to even get to keep the help she has. She was by far her own worst enemy. She could hardly even answer her own attorney's questions.

Ms. Niles has sued or threatened to sue the tax payers immediately after every re-election since she took office in 2002. In the past, she was able to bully her way to get what she wanted. This time things have been a little different.

There's a good chance this may not be settled before the 2018 election. So while Ms. Niles is out on the campaign trail, she can explain to the voters why she has had them in court for four years.