Always One

It seems in nearly every local election, there's always that one candidate who feels they have all the answers and knows more than anyone else. In this election that would be Susan Gingrich, candidate for 7th district commissioner.

How Ms. Gingrich chooses to run her campaign is up to her. However, Ms. Gingrich has made some outlandish claims against commissioners during her campaign that must be addressed.

She has accused the commission of being and operating as a "good old boys" system. Of course that ignores the fact that two women serve on commission. She claims the commission is just a "social club" making decisions based on friendships and relationships. She says we are inefficient with conflict of interests and lack transparency and the reason it took so long to resolve the jail issue was because of friends of the sheriff on the commission. I don't even know what that means.

Like I said, Ms. Gingrich can run her campaign however she wants but when she attacks the entire commission, accusing us of being less than honest and violating laws and regulations, I for one take exception with that. At a recent meeting, I confronted Ms. Gingrich about some of her accusations. I asked her to either provide evidence of her accusations or she should apologize to all the commissioners. She said she would do neither. I think that tells a lot about Ms. Gingrich.

Our commission is made up of 10 good men and women. Having served with them for the last four years, I can assure you that all of them do their very best to serve their constituents to their best of their abilities. I haven't seen a "good old boy" in the bunch.

I rarely endorse any candidate in a primary election but in this case I'll make an exception. The citizens of Tellico Village and the county in general have been well served by current 7th district commissioner, Henry Cullen. Henry has worked well in all commission business. Ms. Gingrich has already shown her divisiveness and her willingness to say anything for political gain regardless of the truth.

An effective commissioner has to be able to get along with other commissioners and be willing and able to work with all other commissioners for common goals to make all Loudon County better. I'm afraid Ms. Gingrich has already burned those bridges.