Alleged Lenoir City Utilities Board ‘impersonator’ is KUB contractor

UPDATE: The worker says he is actually a Knoxville Utilities Board contractor, is new to the job and simply went to the wrong house. He says McCuistion’s home is in an area where KUB and LCUB territories meet. LCUB says both utilities have good policies in place to make sure employees and contractors are identified easily and the lesson they’ve learned that it is important for customers to know what their employees should be dressed like and what identification they should be able to produce.

They say to never hesitate to contact LCUB to confirm the identity and purpose of an employee on or around their property. They say LCUB and KUB can work together to confirm the identity of an employee or contractor.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – An East Tennessee homeowner is still shaken about what happened at her home earlier this week when a man was caught trespassing on private property wearing a “meter reader” shirt, but no formal identification.

“It makes you feel that your home is not safe,” Cindy McCuistion said, fighting back tears.

The man was impersonating a Lenoir City Utilities Board worker. McCuistion was sitting in her home at the time and spotted the man nearing her deck.

“I was sitting right inside the door there and noticed a man in my backyard and he had a bright yellow shirt on and some lettering. And I caught that it said “meter reader,” she said.

When she confronted the man, she noticed he was not wearing an LCUB uniform nor carrying company ID.

“I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt even though once I confronted him, I knew it was very suspicious,” McCuisition said.

LCUB confirmed this man was not an LCUB employee. Matt Fagiana, LCUB Director of Homeland Security, Safety and Risk Management said LCUB is looking into the incident and encourages customers to stay alert.

“It’s something we take pretty seriously, because of the trends we’ve seen in our society in recent years,” Fagiana said. “If you have any doubt about someone at your home or at your place of business and is representing LCUB, please challenge that, because the most visible thing, our employees should have some sort of insignia with our logo on it.”

McCuistion said though she is relieved that she was unharmed, she worries about the safety of other customers and hopes this does not happen to them.

“I feel very grateful and blessed that nothing bad happened but it does concern me for other people being in the same situation,” she said. “If not this guy, some other person that has bad intentions.”

LCUB also encourages customers to read about their company policy and practices on their website or Facebook page.

You can also report a problem on their website or call them directly with any questions or concerns at 844-687-5282.

LCUB notes that company contractors, including BESCO, APL, Brewster’s Service Group, and others will not have LCUB badges, but their trucks will be equipped with the LCUB contractor logo. To find out if a contractor is working with LCUB, email LCUB through their website or Facebook page, or call their offices.