'We ain't pretty, but get the job done:' Loudon police share alternative selfie for Irma relief

LOUDON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- After recent publicity for the Gainesville, Fla. Police Department and Knoxville Police Department sharing selfies to garner attention for the work done to help victims of Hurricane Irma, one East Tennessee law enforcement agency decided to share their own image of the men in their department.

"We don't have a bunch of good-looking, manly folks down here," laughed Officer Scott Newman of the Loudon Police Department. "We're all kind of fat and old," he joked.

Newman's Facebook post shows off some senior members of the LPD team, including himself, Kent Russell, Kenny Ridings and Russell's little dog Wrangler.

"We were kind of piggybacking off of KPD," Newman explained. "We like to have a good time down here."

Newman said the agency would love to issue a similar challenge as that issued by Knoxville police: instead of the officers' fans asking about their marital statuses or even asking to be arrested to get close to them, officers would instead encourage donations to organizations providing relief from Hurricane Irma.