Clown Corker

51 out of 52 republican senators voted for the largest tax cut/reform in more than 30 years. Just guess which idiot voted against it? Our very own Clown Corker. What an embarrassment he is to the great state of Tennessee.

And don't for a minute believe he voted no out of some moral concern about the national debt. He sure never objected when Obama doubled the debt. This is a man that's so full of himself that he would vote against the welfare of the nation because of his hatred for President Trump, just like all the 48 democrats that voted no. (Corker is actually a democrat.)

He's already announced he isn't running for re-election, wouldn't it be great if he would just go ahead and resign now? At least then he would make others think the whole state is as stupid as he is. Of course if he did resign, our Hillary loving governor Haslam would probably just appoint another gutless RINO to take his place.

Next year can't get here fast enough.