4 Year Correction

Monday I updated my stats since I quit smoking four years ago. Problem is, I forgot to update my little banner. My dollar savings and cigarettes avoided was much greater than I presented Monday. When I quit smoking, I was an easy two pack a day smoker. I haven't had a single cigarette since I took up vaping.

Interestingly, I had several folks ask me how much I had spent on vaping in the same period. Great question. Just so happens I keep records on all the vape products I buy which consists of batteries, tanks and juice.

In the four years of vaping, I have spent $1,585.00. As you can see from above, I saved more than $14,600.00 in the same period.

Even if you believe all the negative propaganda put out by the tobacco companies and the government that vaping is as bad as smoking, which it is not, there's no denying that vaping is a whole lot cheaper than smoking.

I would strongly recommend anyone who smokes to give vaping a try. It changed my life.